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Designed to be Different 

We were founded in June of 2005 as BurkePR, the brainchild of Jennifer Burke who for more than 25 years has built unique and impactful public relations programs for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations.  In 2018 we became InsideOut Partners when Jen's husband, Tony Labriola, joined after having spent 25 years leading one of the industry's largest integrated PR agencies.


True partners in every sense of the word, Jen and Tony bring their own perspectives and considerable talents to each client challenge.  Together they have operated across an array of industries, from non-profit and public advocacy to consumer products, financial services, beauty, fashion, food and healthcare. 


As an agency, we are built to deliver a decidedly different and superior product - created and delivered by the agency principals themselves. Still, two can only go so far. To that end, we have assembled a trusted network of peers and partners, including award winning writers, producers, publicists, consultants and strategists who share our desire to do great work on our own terms. We have the ability to flex teams at will, delivering a full menu of communications services and programs right-sized for the specific task at hand.

We know that it doesn’t take a team of hundreds to deliver results -- just smart, dedicated people with years of experience who know how to execute efficiently and expertly. As a collective, we're guided by an unwavering set of personal and professional values:


  • We believe in collaboration, shared responsibility and open, honest relationships.

  • We work closely with our clients to not only understand the mechanics of their
    business, but the beliefs that drive their organization.

  • We represent the true voice of our clients - a voice that is real, 
    ownable and connects with constituents in new and remarkably compelling ways. 

Founder and Principal
Founder and Principal

Tony had an unconventional 25-year agency career, especially when you consider that  23 of those 25 years were spent at one shop. Despite a PR title, Tony really operated as a five-tool player: delivering traditional PR, strategy, creative, digital and integrated marketing solutions to clients across industries. 


Today, Tony applies all those skills to the InsideOut model - digging in deep with clients to identify their true purpose and then connecting that purpose to the culture at large. He is expert at putting strategy into action. In that respect, you're as likely to find Tony behind his desk crafting and refining brand stories as in front of a room facilitating a creative workshop for dozens of partners. The opportunity to do both is unique and it's behind Tony's drive to build InsideOut Partners into a recognized and respected brand of its own. 

During her agency career, Jen loved the work - big brands, big budgets, big campaigns.  But something was missing. After spearheading a client's entree into corporate social responsibility and leading their subsequent charitable campaign, she realized that THIS was the work that truly excited her.  

Jen left the agency world behind and started BurkePR in 2005, Fueled by a desire to do good, she sought out clients that shared her mission to impact the world. She's built countless partnerships, run award-winning social and earned media campaigns, directed massive service events, award shows, concerts and fundraising galas, and - in doing so - has helped raise the profiles of a long list of noble causes that are impacting lives all over the world, The work is hard. The clients are like family. Now, almost 20 years (and one name change) later, this small agency is so much bigger than anything before.

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